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 entries are now closed 


  • ELIGIBILITY: The awards are open to anyone in the United Kingdom, who identify with Afro-Caribbean, African, Caribbean or any other Black background, involved in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and other allied crafts.

  • TIME LIMIT: Work completed a maximum of two years before the competition will be accepted however, work created specifically for the competition is highly encouraged. 

  • CLOSING DATES: All entry forms must be submitted online by Friday 17 February 2023. There will be three dedicated drop off days where contestants can deliver their work to The Goldsmiths Centre 42 Britton St, London EC1M 5AD. Work not submitted before the deadline will not be accepted. ​

  • MULTIPLE ENTRIES: Entrants are permitted to submit up to three finished pieces for consideration.

  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Work submitted by entrants should meet the following criteria:

    • Submitted works should be your own original work.

    • Submitted works may be collaborative and if so, you must have consent from all parties upon submission.

    • Submitted works should not feature any content that can be deemed defamatory, indecent, obscene or racist.


  • HOW TO ENTER: Complete the online entry form by Friday February 17 2023. All completed entries will receive a confirmation email. Finished work is to be submitted by the deadlines specified without the option for extension. All work should be delivered or posted to The Goldsmiths’ Centre, Farringdon in the appropriate packaging and with any necessary handling instructions. There will be three allocated drop off dates as follows:

    • Wednesday February 15 2023

    • Thursday February 16 2023

    • Friday February 17 2023

  • INSURANCE: Pieces which exceed £1000 in value should be insured by the entrant prior to submission. If your entry is valued above £1000 and you require further information to insure your work, please contact us at

  • JUDGING: Work submitted will be judged by leading artisans from the Afro-Caribbean / Black community. Pieces will be judged in person. Entries will remain anonymised  during the judgement process to ensure fairness. Judges will be asked to assess each piece based on the following criteria:

    • Design Concept

    • Technical Ability

    • Quality of Finish

  • AWARDS: Judges will decide which piece to award “Best in Show” as well as the two runner up prizes. There will also be special mentions for any works that did not obtain a prize but are worth highlighting for encouragement.

  • MULTIPLE AWARDS: It may be possible for the judges to award the same entrant multiple times. There is no restriction on the number of awards an entrant may receive.

  • WITHHOLDING AWARDS: The judges reserve the right to not give any awards if the work submitted does not meet the level of merit expected. Therefore, we give no guarantee that all available prizes will be awarded.

  • EXHIBITION: Any prizes to be awarded will be publicly announced on Thursday 4 May, 2023 during the showcase event in London. There are plans to showcase as many entries as possible throughout the evening, as well as opportunities for entrants to discuss their pieces with the judges and fellow entrants. Venue details will be shared upon registration for the competition or event.

  • COLLECTION OF ENTRIES: Submitted works that do not make it into the showcase will need to be collected or posted from The Goldsmiths' Centre. Information on this will be sent directly to entrants. Submitted works that will be included in the showcase should be collected or posted after the exhibition. Information on this will also be sent directly to entrants.

  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Work submitted by the deadline will be professionally photographed. Digital copies will be sent directly to all entrants, free of charge. Photographs may be used by entrants for any use they deem fit (with credit to the photographer where possible).

The exhibition will be held on Thursday 4 May 2023 from 6pm. Location details will be shared upon registration for the competition or showcase event.

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