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Fine jewellery from our perspective

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 Chroic 2023  winner

 Joana Boateng 



- best in show -

The Nwene necklace draws inspiration from  Jo Boateng's Ghanaian heritage. The rectangular necklace was hand-crafted using individual glass beads with varying transparency and translucency.

The piece serves as an ode to traditional Kente cloth, as well as a nod to Ghanaian birthing culture.

Jo Boateng has explored a variety of jewellery making techniques during the development of her own unique language and style

Jo continues to forge a career in the jewellery industry, showcasing the beauty and complexity of Ghanaian craft through her prize winning work


 Chroic 2023 runner up

 Angela Benjamin 


Angela Benjamin's prize winning 3D brooch and geometric chain, crafted in sterling silver, playfully interact with each other via a removable toggle. Both pieces reflect Angela's love of geometric and architectural forms.

 silver brooch and chain

- runner up -

Daniela Duhur 12_edited.jpg

The human body influences Angela's designs pushing her to create pieces that both conflict with and enhance the body's natural contours

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 Chroic 2023 runner up

Marcia Roach

crocheted bowtie

- runner up -


The star of Marcia Roach's bold and colourful collection is a delicately crocheted bowtie crafted from anodised copper. The bowtie, accompanied by Marcia's signature chain, was designed to be eye-catching and proved to be a true conversation starter.

MARCia's collection was created to provide men with better access to the same luxuries women can obtain from high street stores and  boutiques.

Marble Surface


Origin. Lineage. Legacy.

Marble Surface

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